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Fearless Series

My paintings are about fearlessness and being yourself at any cost. Anything is possible in the world of my paintings.

—Linda McClure

Linda is restless and constantly moving. Linda said once that she rarely wears two matching socks. “I just have more important things to do than match socks! I don’t care what people think.” When she paints, it is fast and powerful. Linda dives into projects and adventures head first. It is apparent when you look at her paintings that they embody the excitement she seeks in the world. In her paintings, you see animals in the sky and birds underwater. You see boats in the clouds and flowers floating in and around subjects. Linda combines abstraction and surrealism with the soft lovely beauty of nature all around us. Lovers of her art often say they feel pulled into the worlds she creates. Linda wants people to feel that her art embodies her worldview that anything is possible and life should be explored.

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