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From the Studio or the Road

Why AI Will Not Replace Hand-Painted Art

Art is an expression of emotion, history, and culture. Its enjoyable to learn about the artist and their journey as you inspect the fine details of their paintings. Hand-painted artwork has character, whereas Art AI creates flawless art with no visible brush strokes. Art AI lacks the personal to...
My Process

My Process

I'm very inspired by the unknown. When I think about a painting that I want to create, I imagine the spaces in between my subjects. I want to know where the rhino is coming from and where is the elephant going. What did the bird just see and who left the boat?
accordion sketchbook

Greek Sketchbook

When I am on the road, I usually don't paint life. Most of the time, I take pictures as I'm out and about and then use those pictures to sketch to create a narrative of my trip. The only tools that I need as a small watercolor kit, a pencil, and a permanent black pigment pen. I create accordion s...
How I Make Abstract Art

How I Make Abstract Art

This month in the Mastery Program in the Milan Art Institute, I have started my abstract art unit. I have never painted abstract art and before now, have never desired to paint abstracts. However, I have suddenly found some success! What I'm realizing is that I never really knew how to create an ...
Women's History Month Products

Women's History Month Products

As much as I love to paint, I have a dirty little secret, and that is that I also love to draw on my iPad. The simplicity and graphic nature of producing digital art is so satisfying. I love the app Procreate. I also love Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator for the iPad. Sometimes I will just sit ...

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